You Gonna Fly


Yes, it is acknowledged this post should read “You’re Going To Fly“, but Australian born Country Superstar Keith Urban didn’t write the accompanying song (music video is presented below) with grammar foremost in his mind.  Instead he focused on delivering important themes, which are framed within a country love song and are most certainly germane to the pursuit of self-actualization, as described herein.

Grammar Nazi - 199 x 179Tongue-In-Cheek Warning

With regard to the title of this post and the accompanying music video apologies are offered to fellow members of the Grammar Nazi Party, of which this blog’s author is a proud card-carrying member.

For Blackbirds & Songbirds

The below music video can be interpreted as speaking to those of you who have encountered set-backs in life that have severely shaken their confidence — metaphorically, these are the  “blackbirds on the country street” finding themselves “hiding from the world with broken wings“.  Or it may speak to those who have simply never been given the opportunity to discover themselves — these are the “songbirds” who are unaware of what lies within and afraid of the unknown and thus “scared to sing“.


Those who may be broken and/or scared are encouraged to: (1) articulate the objectives that will lead to realizing your dreams; (2) keep those goals foremost in your mind (i.e., look at them DAILY); and (3) expect to run the gauntlet of impediments and naysayers, which you will be able to “artfully dodge” if you remain focused on systematically reaching your ever-changing step-by-step objectives in the pursuit of your life’s goals.


Decide NOW that the time has come to  . . .

Leave Your Troubles Behind


Start Living Your Life

Start Living Your Life

For Mentoring Leaders

Alternatively, this song can speak to those in a position to mentor and help others they may serendipitously stumble upon.  You know of whom I’m speaking . . . those who merely need the encouragement and opportunity to discover themselves and develop the hidden prodigious talents that lie within.  It is those natural leaders with keen foresight and an eye for talent who may be reading this blog post.  To YOU, I encourage reaching out to those  “blackbirds” and “songbirds”  that may cross your path and graciously extend to them a genuine and entirely unexpected helping hand, and go so far as to boldly declare . . .

“You better believe you’re gonna fly with me !”

Flying together

Then watch the miracles unfold before your eyes, as you come to realize the enriching and overwhelming joy that begins to envelop your very being when you see those whom once needed your support and encouragement now begin to soar to heights once thought unimaginable.

This is taking self-actualization to the very highest level, which is discussed in the “Hierarchy of Needs” section of this blog, and is known as . . .



Now please enjoy Keith Urban’s performance of You Gonna Fly . . .

[Note:  the below performance may be preceded by a brief advertisement  & lyrics are below]

You Gonna Fly

One, two, three baby don’t think twice
Just like that you got a brand new life
Hop in this truck and run through the red lights
Yeah where you wanna go baby name the town
We can go up north, we could head down south
Roll down the windows with the radio loud

C’mon turn it up, yeah
Start living your life
On the double leave your troubles behind
You and me, we’re gonna be alright

You could be a blackbird
On the country street
Hiding from the world with a broken wing
But you better believe you’re gonna fly with me
You could be a songbird from New Orleans
Scared of the rain just as scared to sing
But you better believe you’re gonna fly with me

Well, here we are baby in the back of my bed
Sun’s going down skies turning red
Stars coming out
Baby look at you now
God knows how long but it’s been a while
Since I heard you laugh and I seen that smile
Felt that kiss and I can get used to this
Baby I could get used to this


You gonna fly [x2]


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Here’s To The Crazy Ones . . .

Here's To The Crazy Ones . . 640 x 442

Steve Jobs has been often described as “the modern day Thomas Edison” in the context of innovations that have improved the quality of life for countless others — for example, personal computers (Apple II), word processing (MacIntosh), music players (iPod), computer tablets (iPad), data storage (iCloud) and smart phones (iPhone). Notorious for his demanding management style and creating an insatiable demand for things that people did not realize they wanted until their marketplace introduction, Apple products (and the countless innovations driven from them) can be found in nearly every household.

Although a little rough around the edges in his interpersonal skills, and seemingly fanatical about creating exceptionally high-quality products that would “change the world”, he was a virtual task-master in manifesting  self-actualization in others.  For instance, he was known to respond to “Nth version” proposals pitched at new product meetings along the lines of: “That’s  nowhere near good enough — now go back to the drawing board, and give me what I asked for !”

The narrative contained in the below video (and memorialized in the image above) was used in various advertising spots upon his triumphant return to Apple as its trail-blazing CEO, after having been forced to resign in disgrace over a decade earlier.  Its message epitomizes the culture he created at an entity he rescued from bankruptcy and  eventually turned into the highest valued company in the world.  It also represents a lasting legacy that can be applied to ANYTHING worth pursuing and celebrates the creativity that lies within  EVERYONE.

The message begins with ad hominems often ascribed to him throughout his life, and in his having demonstrably overcome their once stinging effects, he has made tapping into creative thought easier for EVERYONE . . .

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No Regrets


The three word contractions above often precede expressions of  regret: “I coulda gotten an A in that course if I had completed all of the homework assignments”; “I woulda been promoted, if I took the time to train my replacement”; “I shoulda pursued my dream and not let the fear of failure hold me back”.

When Jay Leno hosted The Tonight Show, he had an ongoing segment called “Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda” featuring three guest comedians who offered hilarious after-the-fact advice in response to absolutely absurd, but real-life events:


Notwithstanding this comedic take, let’s consider a more sobering view and analyze the painful emotion of regret, but evaluate it the context of its onset being predicated on action and inaction.

Action-Based Regret

Regret stemming from an action you had taken is perfectly understandable in instances where others were harmed as a result.  This is a common occurrence and part of the human experience — for we are flawed creatures . . . in that we ALL make mistakes.

In such situations, feelings of remorse are natural, and indicative of an empathetic character, whereby you feel, or otherwise relate to the pain you caused someone else.  This emotion is not a pleasant one, but it is helpful in that it will likely keep you from doing it again and hopefully motivate you to “make amends” in some way for those you harmed.  This blog post is NOT about regrets borne from these actions because they typically translate into subsequent undertakings that prove helpful to all parties involved.  As the saying goes: “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

But what about actions YOU have taken; however the ONLY one getting “the short end of the stick” is YOU?  These are instances where you consciously made a decision to do something, but things didn’t pan out as you had hoped or otherwise anticipated they would.  You should NOT look back at these experiences with regret, especially if you then find yourself clutching a travel bag of regrets filled with “I wish I never did this” and “I should have never done that” — move on and leave those regrets behind.


Examples? A common one is entering into a relationship, and your heart is ultimately broken, such that you find yourself saying “I wish I never met you !”  Another one is entrusting a friend to do something for you (e.g., care for your dog “Fido”, while on vacation), or NOT do something (e.g., share something you confided a long time ago); however upon arriving home, you’re aghast to learn Fido ran away and there’s a sex tape of you and an ex now viral on social networks. 🙂  A less common example is choosing to leave the safety of a joyless job that pays the bills, to pursue your passion, but ends up not working out for you.

In these instances, I submit you should NEVER regret them, but LEARN from them and recognize who you are at any point in time is the sum product of your past experiences . . . be they good or bad, scary or peaceful, exciting or pedestrian, happy or sad — and be sure to love yourself for exactly who you are . . . after all there is no one else like YOU.  The following poetic aphorism offers a sagacious response.


Complacency-Based Regret

Now THIS is the area you want to avoid at all costs, for more often than not, it gets you a  one-way ticket on a train heading South on the life-track where the only stops are “No-wheres-ville”, “Dysfunction Junction” and “Loser-Town”.  In other words, this is where regret is unavoidable and its after-effects are typically abysmal, agonizing and enduring . . .  in other words, a living hell.  And to affix blame, you will need only look in the mirror.

What you should do RIGHT NOW is start doing the things YOU KNOW you’ve been putting off for TOO LONG, which YOU KNOW in your heart of hearts will MEANINGFULLY change your life (and the lives of your loved ones) for the better.


You do NOT want to find yourself filled with regret saying:

If I had only . . .

If I . . .

All friends are gone-my heart it burns like fire
When the night comes falling, falling from the sky
I was so wrong-how could I loose my desire
How many times can we say goodbye
Love is a sacrifice
You have to read between the lies

If I’ll never see the sun again
If I’ll never have your helping hand
If I’ll never see a children smile
My world is lost
If we don’t try

I’m so alone-i cannot stand it forever
Sometimes I feel-like I can’t stand the pain
All that I want-we can’t do it together
Only with you-I feel like I’m born again
No matter what I do
I do it baby just for you


Here are some other relevant entertaining videos on the notion of regret:

Modern Talking — Shoulda Woulda Coulda


Marlon Brando — “I coulda been a contender.”


Jamie Woon — Shoulda


New Orleans Saints Coach Jim Mora — Press Conference


Celine Dion – “Coulda Woulda Shoulda”


So In Conclusion  . . .


Now - 640 x 256

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Tougher Than The Rest

Tougher Than The Rest - 640 x 384

Mental and emotional “toughness” is a generally favorably perceived character trait, particularly where one’s actions in response to a challenge or in the face of adversity, exemplify strength and resiliency, such that one’s spirit is not broken, even in the most dire of circumstances.  Those consistently perceived by others as being “tough” are individuals in all walks of life who “refuse to lose” and are unwilling to give up on anything they have set their mind to, and they do NOT shy away from undertakings because they are difficult — instead they stand out as leaders because they tend to gravitate TOWARD them.

Toughness is a term widely used in sports circles, most especially football, which the author of this blog remembers well from his grade school, high school and collegiate playing days.  Moreover an entire book has been written on the subject by former Duke University Basketball player and current ESPN Basketball Analyst and Sportscaster, Jay Bilas.

Toughness - Jay Bilas - 640 x 221

Some of the more poignant quotes from this book are:

  • “Failing doesn’t make you a failure. Failing makes you a competitor . . . Failure is a part of competing, and embracing that fact is an important component of toughness. Tough people fail, but tough people are not failures. The only failures are those who give up, or give in.”
  • “I did not want to be common; I wanted to be uncommon. I did not want to do what was easy; I wanted to do what was hard, and do it consistently.”
  • And to assimilate and paraphrase some related quotes: “Toughness is about concentrating on your objectives with a laser focus, employing unwavering discipline through fastidious preparation and understanding your role and its impact toward achieving the ultimate goal.”

But toughness is a relative term that is certainly difficult, if not impossible to measure. And it’s inherent relativity only becomes clear in competitive situations — where the more evenly matched opponents (in sports, business or other arenas) “raise the toughness bar“.  And those who persevere most are the ones who clear that metaphorical bar at the highest level — thus proving to be “tougher than the rest“.

Clearing the Bar - 640 x 255

Tougher Than The Rest” is also the name of a song written and performed by Bruce Springsteen and The E Street Band, including his wife Patty.   Granted that this is yet another “long song”, where the vulnerability necessary to fall in love is likened to being “rough enough for love” and the willingness to yield to this is supported by being “tougher than the rest”.

In the below live performance, the love conveyed by “The Boss” and Patty Scialfa (his  girlfriend at the time) to each other on stage is palpable, and the inclusion of cameos by everyday couples in love makes this particular music video all the more powerful and touching.

Tougher Than The Rest

Well it’s Saturday night
You’re all dressed up in blue
I been watching you awhile
Maybe you been watching me too
So somebody ran out
Left somebody’s heart in a mess
Well if you’re looking for love
Honey I’m tougher than the rest

Some girls they want a handsome Dan
Or some good-lookin’ Joe, on their arm
Some girls like a sweet-talkin’ Romeo
Well ’round here baby
I learned you get what you can get
So if you’re rough enough for love
Honey I’m tougher than the rest

The road is dark
And it’s a thin thin line
But I want you to know I’ll walk it for you any time
Maybe your other boyfriends
Couldn’t pass the test
Well if you’re rough and ready for love
Honey I’m tougher than the rest

Well it ain’t no secret
I’ve been around a time or two
Well I don’t know baby maybe you’ve been around too
Well there’s another dance
All you gotta do is say yes
And if you’re rough and ready for love
Honey I’m tougher than the rest
If you’re rough enough for love
Baby I’m tougher than the rest

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Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish

Stay hungry, stay foolish - 640 x 399

In his now famous commencement address to the Stanford University Class of 2005, Steve Jobs (CEO and founder of Apple and Pixar) recounted three anecdotes that meaningfully shaped the life of this renowned entrepreneur [and later found to be instrumental to one of the greatest success stories of mankind].  The paradox of this keynote speech to the graduating class of one the premier institutions of higher learning was palpable, as he began by pointing out his decision to drop out of college was “one of the best decisions I ever made“, that neither of his adoptive working class parents graduated from college, and that this particular occasion was “the closest I’ve ever gotten to a graduation“.

The theme of his first story pertained to the notion of “connecting the dots” of  past pursuits that satisfy your curiosity, following your intuition during your life’s journey and trusting things will work out in the end.  In other words, since it is impossible to know what future opportunities will lie before you, if you pursue that which you are most passionate about, you will be better able to connect those meaningful experiences that dotted your past and assimilate them in a manner that will enable you to do things once thought unimaginable.

His second point was about “love and loss“, where he forewarned about the danger of “just settling” in lieu of doing things that really get ones juices flowing.  He likened his notorious set-back in getting fired from Apple in 1985 that served as “awful tasting medicine that the patient needed” in order to enter the most creative period of his life, find the love of his life to start a family with (his wife Maureen), and set the stage for his second renaissance at Apple in 1997.  He suggested had he not always been doing what he loved most, getting hit with that once devastating brick of life’s setbacks, he would have never been able to recover and realize the wonderful things that later came to be.

His third story was about death where he suggested what’s really important comes into focus in the face of death and the need to follow one’s heart and intuition.  In recounting his first brush with death, he warned against: (1) living someone’s else’s life; (2) believing someone else’s dogma; and (3) allowing the noise of others’ opinions to drown out your inner voice.  As a result, he rarely went about his day without thinking it might be his last.

His closing thought pertained to the creation of “The Whole Earth Catalogue” in the 60’s which he likened to being the paper-back version of Google, where at the end of its last edition, the words:  “Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish“, which can be applied in many contexts — for instance:

  Stay Hungry enough to pursue your dreams, and . . .

Stay Foolish enough to believe you will realize them !

[Note:  The speech begins at the 7:40 mark , with a summary of his accomplishments preceding it]
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My Way Is My Decision

ZZ7 - 640 x 394

Tina Maze (“mah-zay”) is a modern day renaissance woman from Slovenia who appears to possess the Midas touch.  To begin with, she is a fearless Winter Olympics gold medal winner who has won the World Cup 23 times in virtually every discipline of skiing (e.g., Downhill, Super-G, Giant Slalom, Slalom, Combined).  And yet there is so much more to this intriguing young woman.

She is arguably the most well-known person in her country and a much beloved global celebrity with a million watt personality that is accentuated by her fluency in four languages.  She is a highly sought super model whose beauty is alluring and mesmerizing to many, and she is an impresario in marketing a wide variety of products — from clothes to cosmetics to jewelry to skiing equipment.

She is a notoriously free-spirit who is known to do the unexpected and unconventional, and is certainly unafraid to confront controversy head-on.  And if that wasn’t enough, she is also a “triple threat” entertainment talent as a singer, musician and songwriter, with a #1 hit song, My Way Is My Decision (her music video is reflected at the bottom of this blog posting). This song reveals a magnificent dynamo psyche and provides insight to a unabashed winning attitude that has enabled her to accomplish so much so soon.

In a word, she is an INSPIRATION.

The lyrics to My Way Is My Decision are also reflected below.  As you listen to this song, you will likely realize they encourage going places and doing things no one has dared (“trailblazing”), facing adversity (“daily battles”) head on, never giving up on your dreams, deriving inner strength from a clear vision, overcoming fear with unbridled enthusiasm and reaching for the stars to inspire others.  The overriding message is thus: Be NOT afraid to do things “YOUR WAY” pursuant to an empowering vision that guides you toward self-actualization . . . and have as much fun as possible along the way.

Reflected immediately below is a clip on one of Tina’s downhill races, where one cannot help but marvel at her strength, tenacity and desire to excel in an exceptionally dangerous sport while cognizant she “dares to be tender” with unmistakable femininity.

If ever there was an exemplary figure as “the total package” of infectious inspiration and enthusiastic drive to live life to the fullest, Tina Maze might very well be it.

Champion Skier

ZZ6 - 640 x 254

Country Ambassador & Celebrity

ZZ4 - 640 x 361

Super Model

ZZ2 - 640 x 222

Marketing Wiz

ZZ3 - 640 x 290

Free Spirit

ZZ1 - 640 x 191

Singer, Musician & Song-Writer

ZZ5 - 640 x 273

My Way Is My Decision

Every single day
Is a battle I know that I’m meant to face
I’m on a trail I’m meant to blaze
Tomorrow before me.

I’ve gotta do it, no matter what
I’m a woman on fire!
Gotta try to be strong
And getcha shouting c’mon, c’mon, c’mon!

Take a look at me now,
‘Cause I’m living my dream!
I’m gonna dare to be tender
And never gonna surrender!
(I’m in control and my)
My way is my decision!
My power is my vision!

Smiling through the tears,
My desire’s a weapon against my fears.
I wanna be a tale they tell over the years,
To inspire the world.

So I’ve gotta be stronger.
I’ve gotta prove I’m a winner.
(I am the winner!)
Lead ’em into the light.
I’ve gotta show ’em all that I’m right!

Take a look at me now,
‘Cause I’m living my dream!
I’m gonna dare to be tender
And never gonna surrender!
(I’m in control and my)
My way is my decision!
My power is my vision!

I’m gonna dare to be tender
And never gonna surrender!
I’m gonna dare to be tender
And never gonna surrender!


My way is my decision!
My power is my vision!
My way is my decision!
My power is my vision!

Take a look at me now,
‘Cause I’m living my dream!
I’m gonna dare to be tender
And never gonna surrender!
(I’m in control and my)
My way is my decision!
My power is my vision!
My way is my decision!

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Nothing More


In an earlier post titled The Real You, the notion of ONENESS is conveyed in a majestic simulated journey narrated by Alan Watts.  The omnipotent power of this concept is realized when one considers the following truism:  Throughout the history of mankind, if the powers that be had understood and embraced this notion . . .

There would have NEVER BEEN A WAR and . . .

HUMAN SUFFERING would be substantially ERADICATED

Be Kind To Each Other - 640 x 159

How can something so simple have such a far-reaching effect? Because it is rooted in Love. And why has this been so elusive?  The answer is not as simple, but it appears those responsible for carnage wrought upon mankind throughout history are NOT altruistic and NOT empathetic.  This means mankind has often been afflicted with FAUX LEADERS — in other words, those who may look and act the part, but in reality are: (1) NOT kind; (2) LACK integrity; (3) are UNFORGIVING; (4) IGNORE those in need; (5) stoke FEAR; (6) procreate NEGATIVITY; and (7) and are thus INCAPABLE of understanding . . .

WE are love, WE are one, WE are how we treat each other and . . .

Nothing More

♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥

Twain & Heart - 640 x 160

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The Track You’re On

Track - 640 x 640

Metaphorically, the train track can be apt to describe the direction one’s life is taking, as a great deal of advanced planning goes into establishing a railroad line (e.g., easements, eminent domain, permits, municipal approvals) before actually laying down the tracks.  And then once the green light is given by the many constituencies involved (e,g., parents, teachers, coaches, bosses, spouse) in the planning phase, the time, effort and precision required to lay the tracks down is equally important.  This being the case because it is critically important that the life one has envisioned for themselves and their loved ones, does not get “derailed” en route to the planned timely arrivals at the various “stations” in life (i.e., significant popular milestones such as graduating high school, then college, establishing a career, getting married, buying a home, starting a family, etc.)

But even though you may have felt you had “the best laid plans” and have long been pleased with direction and speed by which you have reached the various stations in life, things may suddenly take an unexpected turn, perhaps after a rail switching error a few stations back (i.e., a bad decision on your part) and you suddenly find yourself barreling down the tracks toward what you know to be the last stop of “No-wheres-ville”.

It is at this point you must plan to get off at the next station, and change your direction.  And for God’s sake if you find yourself on “an express” with the wrong people — pull the damn chord for the emergency brakes, or if need be, jump off and hope for the best as you tumble down an adjacent countryside embankment !

What then should you do?

If are able to calmly get off at the next station, great; however, if you had to jump and managed to survive the fall, then brush yourself off and head off in an entirely different direction with an upbeat attitude, of course.

And what should you do next?

Follow the advice of the late rock star and guitar impresario Jimi Hendrix, as articulated in his diddy “Hear My Train A Comin“, featuring his magical digit manipulations on a 12 string acoustic.  In this case, the lyrics (reproduced below) tell of the need to part ways with those dragging you down, leave the town that put you down, make a whole lotta money, and then . . .


Hear My Train A Comin’

Well, I wait around the train station
Waitin’ for that train
Waitin’ for the train, yeah
Take me home, yeah
From this lonesome place
Well, now a while lotta people put me down a lotta changes
My girl had called me a disgrace

The tears burnin’
Tears burnin’ me
Tears burnin’ me
Way down in my heart
Well, you know it’s too bad, little girl,
it’s too bad
Too bad we have to part (have to part)

Gonna leave this town, yeah
Gonna leave this town
Gonna make a whole lotta money
Gonna be big, yeah
Gonna be big, yeah
I’m gonna buy this town
I’m gonna buy this town
An’ put it all in my shoe
Might even give a piece to you
That’s what I’m gonna do,
what I’m gonna do,
what I’m gonna do

And for you Hendrix lovers who yearn for the electric version, here you go . . .

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Mind Over Matter

Mind Over Matter - 640 x 237

The phrase “mind over matter” is a pithy proverb that has withstood the test of time and taken on a variety of interpretations, and its evolution will likely continue.  This most curious phrase is reported to have first appeared in 1863 in the book “The Geological Evidence of the Antiquity of Man” by Sir Charles Lyell, however, its context pertained to the evolution of man”.

Some contend its origins date back to 19 BC, with the saying “the mind drives the mass“, which appeared in the lengthy latin poem titled Aeneid, by the Roman poet Publius Vergilius Maro, who lived during the reign of Caesar Augustus.

For those who are NOT Bible aficionados of the New Testament, Augustus is the dude who issued the now famous decree calling for a census of the entire Roman empire, as it had gotten so big, he wanted to know his constituency better by imposing a hefty tax on every resident.  Importantly, it was this decree that played a significant role in the events leading up to birth of Christianity.

The Birth of Christianity

At the time of this decree, a carpenter in Nazareth named Joseph Christ (a/k/a “Joey the Hammer” or simply “Joe”) was low on cash, and with his pregnant fiancée Mary Joachim  (a/k/a “the Madonna”) already in her ninth month, he was looking at a Caesar Augustus tax bill he most certainly couldn’t afford.  And the punishment for not paying taxes ranged from a “brink-of-death” flogging to outright execution (crucifixion was especially popular at the time).

Anyway, this particular decree scared the bejesus out of Joe, who was already reeling from Mary having earlier confided to him “you are NOT the father” and then further blew his mind by saying the fellow who “popped her cherry” was someone named “God“.  And to make matters worse, she said it was a one night stand, and she wasn’t sure if that was his first or last name.

Can you imagine Joe and Mary appearing on The Maury (Povich) Show?  How would Joe have reacted to the news?  Would it have been along the lines of Clip #1 or Clip #2? Watch and decide for yourself . . .

Clip # 1

Clip #2

[Warning the soundtrack at the end of this clip contains expletives]

In reality, no one knows how Joe actually reacted to what amounted to Christianity’s “first confession“, but it probably began with Mary saying “Joe, we need to talk.  You may find this hard to believe, but . . . “.  Notwithstanding, Christianity’s conventional wisdom  suggests Joe didn’t mind, so the fact that Mary was knocked up by someone known only as “God” really didn’t matter.

Anyway, in order to dodge in impending tax bill and the certainty of an accompanying punishment of great consequence, Joe and Mary hightailed it out of Nazareth on a donkey, heading north to Bethlehem, which was 111 kilometers away (or roughly 70 miles).  However, to avoid detection along the way, they had to directionally zig zag throughout their sojourn, thus extending the trip to 80 miles and resulting in their arriving in Bethlehem late at night on December 25, 0000.

Although Joe thoughtfully made advance reservations via carrier pigeon, he forgot to request a guaranteed late arrival using his Judea Express Card.  So when they arrived at The Bethlehem Inn they were disappointed to learn that particular night had been overbooked, and since there was a Shepherd’s Convention going on, there was not a single room available in Bethlehem.  To make matters worse, when Mary jumped off her donkey to check-in, her water broke!  So they scrambled to the nearest manger, where their son Jesus was born shortly after their arrival . . . and the rest is history.

Note:  Although I may have digressed a bit, at least you a have better appreciation for the origins of the subject phrase, as well as insight about the events leading up to the birth of Christianity.  You’re welcome. 🙂

So What Is “Mind Over Matter“?

Now let’s address some of the more common interpretations and manifestations of “mind over matter”, or “MOM” for purposes of this section.  To begin with, there are a variety of definitions and situations where this proverb would be applicable.  For instance:

  • Prioritization — In this case, MOM refers to how someone may go about prioritizing what’s important in their lives (e.g., the love a significant other over material possessions);
  • Abstinence — This is where MOM is used to describe how someone may abstain from something for religious or health reasons (e.g., a Catholic priest maintaining his vow of celibacy or an alcoholic resisting temptations to “fall off the wagon”);
  • Adversity — When confronted by an imposing threat, chronic difficulties or a vexing dilemma with significant downside associated with all known alternatives, one may need to summon a “fifth gear” in creative thinking through MOM, such that by thinking “outside the box” a omnipotent panacea suddenly crystalizes; or
  • Metaphysics — This represents the most literal, but least believable interpretation of MOM, whereby the ethereal energy of one’s thoughts (i.e., the mind) directly impacts outcomes and realities of the physical world (i.e., the matter)

As it is the form most subject to debate, we are going to focus on the metaphysical side of MOM, and briefly summarize some empirical examples which seem to support its veracity.

Metaphysical Instances of Mind Over Matter

Reflected below are some situations where there appears to be an intangible cause (i.e., thought emanating from the mind) that is directly linked to a tangible physical effect (i.e., matter being observably influenced):

  1. Tibetan Monks — These selfless practitioners of Buddhism devote their entire being to a life of compassionate deeds for others, striving to help disadvantaged others in need and committing to seeking enlightenment, which is akin to rewiring one’s mind to see things most others are oblivious to.  They are known to be able to modify their physiological processes (.e.g., blood pressure and body temperature) through deep meditative thought that medical professionals find astounding.  And they are unabashed in demonstrating this publicly.  In one well-known exhibition, several monks were cloaked in wet sheets in a refrigerated room of 40 degrees fahrenheit.  This should have resulted in uncontrollable shivering and lead to deadly hypothermia.  However, while in an entranced state of meditative yoga, heat generated steam began to emanate from their sheets, and within an hour, each monk was comfortably thriving in this environment, and their sheets were completely dry.  This a compelling well-documented instance of Mind Over Matter.
  2. Multiple Personality Disorders — Those who have been diagnosed with this mental condition have developed readily observable and measurable physiological changes between personalities.  For instance, while in one personality state, a patient would have type 2 diabetes blood sugar levels and significant astigmatic myopia that required thick corrective lenses.  When that same patient entered into another personality state, their blood sugar levels would miraculously normalize and they would suddenly have perfect uncorrected 20/20 vision.  This is another well-documented instance of Mind Over Matter.
  3. Placebo Effect — This is used in virtually all scientific testing to filter out the Mind Over Matter effect from the trial testing of say a new drug on humans.  This is where ALL of those being tested are told they are being given a new drug to treat the malady they each share.  However, only some are actually given drug being tested, while the others are provided an inert alternative with no medicinal value, but there is no social interaction between those being tested.  There will ALWAYS be some people who were administered the placebo, whose condition will dramatically improve.  These are also instances of Mind Over Matter.
  4. Power of Suggestion — This is similar to the Placebo effect; however, social interaction is introduced as an important element of evaluating behavior change, and has been  found to have a multiplier effect.  One such instance was carried out with Princeton students who were invited to a “keg party”; however, all the kegs were filled with non-alcoholic beer (e.g., O’Douls).  Observers involved in the “switcheroo” were astounded to see many exhibiting extreme levels of drunken behavior, such as slurred speech, loud boisterous yelling, tripping over each other, peeing in the bushes, sleeping on the ground, etc.  This is a somewhat hilarious example of Mind Over Matter.
  5. Nocebo Effect — This is also a derivation of the Placebo effect, but instead of tricking the test subjects into thinking a positive outcome would result, they were informed of a negative expectation, such as telling test subjects that the freshly cut leaves they were asked to pick up with their hands were poison ivy.  Although the leaves were entirely inert, many broke out in skin rashes on their hands and arms that mimicked the effect of poison ivy.  This is also an example of Mind Over Matter.
  6. Indian Yogis — These deeply meditative fellows take mind-procreated physiological  change to an entirely different level vis-á-vis the Tibetan Monks.  For example, Some Yogis have been being buried alive for up to 28 days and survived by slowing their heartbeat and other metabolic processes to nearly negligible levels during their intense meditative state; and
  7. Visualization — This is often used by athletes before important games, where they play out in their mind a vivid visualization of a positive expected outcome, which later materializes on the field of play in the manner they had earlier envisioned it.  The author of this blog played competitive sports through college and can personally attest to  this, but admits this is difficult to do, and seem to work only in advance of the most important and publicly hyped games.

While there is so very much more to this subject, suffice it to say, there are many well-documented instances of metaphysics-driven mind over matter, that simply can’t be explained any other way.

Musical Rendition of “Mind Over Matter”

Now armed with a cogent overview (and presumably understanding) of this most interesting concept, it is hoped you will better appreciate the  performance of “Mind Over Matter” in the below music video by the band  known as “Young the Giant“.  And for you ÜBER-NERDS, there is a separate section (following the lyrics) to engage your intellect on this subject even further.

Mind Over Matter

Mind over matter
Does it matter to any of us?
Don’t change the subject
I’m heavy on your love
I missed that train, New York city – it rains!
Fly to east L.A. in big jet planes
You know you’re on my mind

And if the world don’t break
I’ll be shakin’ it
‘Cause I’m a young man after all
And when the seasons change
Will you stand by me?
‘Cause I’m a young man built to fall

Mind over matter,
I’m in tatters thinkin’ about her
Taste my disaster
It’s heavy on my tongue
All the lights aglow
Tokyo – snows
Go to watch the show
Curtain’s closed!
I’m watching you this time

And if the world don’t break
I’ll be shakin’ it
‘Cause I’m a young man after all
And when the seasons change
Will you stand by me?
‘Cause I’m a young man built to fall
I missed that train
New York city – it rains!
Fly to east L.A. in big jet planes
You know you’re on my mind
All the lights aglow
Tokyo – sno-ooows
Go to watch the show – curtain’s closed
I’m watching you this time

Mind over matter
Mind over matter,
You know you’re on my mind!

And if the world don’t break
I’ll be shakin’ it
‘Cause I’m a young man after all
And when the seasons change
I missed that train, will you stand by me!
(Fly to east L.A.)
‘Cause I’m a young man built to fall
And if the world don’t break!
All the lights aglow
(Tokyo – sno-ooows
Go to watch the show – curtain’s closed)
And when the seasons change, will you stand by me?
‘Cause I’m a young man built to fall

MOM - 640 x 237


The remainder of this blog posting is intended FOR ÜBER-NERDS ONLY as the information and scientific findings contained therein is presented at a highly advanced academic level.  Thus if you do not possess a cognitive intellect equal akin to a “rocket scientist”, you should NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES view ANYTHING below the red line . . .


For those so inclined and wish to take this topic to “the next level” these FIVE videos should at least get you started:

(1)  The Princeton PEAR Study — This video reveals how a Princeton research team headed up by Robert John, then the Dean of Princeton’s School of Engineering, whose expertise is in “Rocket Science” (I kid you NOT), supervised a student-driven metaphysics project involving extensive high precision studies conducted over more than a quarter century, which tested the hypothesis that human thought can tangibly impact physical outcomes, and concluded this beyond all doubt to be TRUE, albeit to a small, but measurable extent.

Psyleron – Princeton Mind-Matter Interaction Research from Psyleron on Vimeo.

(2)  Secrets Of The Human Aura Revealed — This is a news broadcast on American RT network, reporting on a Russian Scientist (Dr. Konstantin Korotkov) who reveals the existence of the human energy aura suggests our emotions and intentions can be channeled to positively impact the world.

(3)  How To See The Human Aura — In this video, author Eric Robinson explains how to see your own energy procreated aura.

(4)  How To Activate And Open Your Third Eye — Author Teal Swan publicly represents herself as a “Spiritual Catalyst”, “Clairvoyant” and “Healer”, and is featured in this video explaining how to engage the use of one’s pineal gland, and activate one’s “sixth sense”, which includes such abilities as: (1) intuition; (2) clairvoyance (i.e., seeing beyond normal sight); (3) precognition; (4) out of body experiences; (5) the ability to see auras; (6) precision-based recognition (i.e., seeing patterns and associations before others do); (7) unconventional imagination; (8) visualization of distant events; (9) vivid dreaming; (10) perception of hidden images others miss; and (11) ESP, or extra-sensory perception.  These are abilities which those who represent themselves as Psychics profess to have.

(5)  How to Decalcify Your Pineal Gland –This video features candid advice on optimizing pineal gland health and is presented by a young Canadian woman, Erin Janus.  She publicly presents herself as a “human/animal rights activist, public speaker, health freak, vegan, writer, musician, video director, and photographer.”

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Show’em What You’re Made Of


The Backstreet Boys is a five member “boy band” formed in 1993 out of Orlando, Florida, who went on to become the best selling group of its genre, with over 130 million records sold.  Its members consist of A. J. McLean, Howie Dorough, Nick Carter, Kevin Richardson, and Brian Littrell.

Although Kevin Richardson left the group for a few years, the two albums produced during his hiatus (Unbreakable and This Is Us) didn’t miss a beat (pun intended) and they have since reconstituted themselves with the original five-some, most recently producing yet another masterpiece album titled In A World Like This, which features a number of quality tracks, including “Show’Em What You’re Made Of“, the music video featured in this blog post.

While the demographics of the BSB fan base has evolved from the concentration of young teenage girls who dominated their concerts in the earlier years, they have certainly showed us what they’re made of with a music industry staying power that has exceeded two decades.  And to set the record straight, there is absolutely no truth to the rumored name change to “Main Street Men” so as to reflect the maturation of these talented singers.

The key lyrics to this empowering song are presented below the video with appropriate images and relevant aphorisms, where the themes implicit in this song include: (1) rising from setbacks; (2) soaring above troubles in lieu of drowning in them; (3) pursuing one’s dreams with the limitless innocence of a child; (4) resisting temptation to freeze out others (particularly those who love you) in times of difficulty; (5) being willing to lead others out of darkness, when the opportunity presents itself; (6) fighting the good fight with the tenacity of a lion; and (7) demonstrating true leadership by standing up for what you know is right, even if unpopular.  When you do these things, you will no doubt . . .

Show’Em What You’re Made Of

[Note: the below performance may be preceded by a brief advertisement & lyrics are below]

I’ve seen it all a thousand times, falling down I’m still alive.  Am I? Am I?


So hard to breath when the water’s high . . .

. . . No need to swim, I’ll learn to fly, so high, so high


You find the truth in a child’s eyes when the only limit is the sky . . .

 . . . living proof I see myself in you


When walls start to close in, your heart is frozen over


Just . . .


When sunlight is fading, the world will be waiting for you


Gloves are off, ready to fight, like a lion I will survive . . . will I? . . . will I?


You gotta stand for something, even if you stand alone . . .

. . . Don’t be afraid, it’s gonna be alright



So in conclusion . . .


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