Here’s To The Crazy Ones . . .

Here's To The Crazy Ones . . 640 x 442

Steve Jobs has been often described as “the modern day Thomas Edison” in the context of innovations that have improved the quality of life for countless others — for example, personal computers (Apple II), word processing (MacIntosh), music players (iPod), computer tablets (iPad), data storage (iCloud) and smart phones (iPhone). Notorious for his demanding management style and creating an insatiable demand for things that people did not realize they wanted until their marketplace introduction, Apple products (and the countless innovations driven from them) can be found in nearly every household.

Although a little rough around the edges in his interpersonal skills, and seemingly fanatical about creating exceptionally high-quality products that would “change the world”, he was a virtual task-master in manifesting  self-actualization in others.  For instance, he was known to respond to “Nth version” proposals pitched at new product meetings along the lines of: “That’s  nowhere near good enough — now go back to the drawing board, and give me what I asked for !”

The narrative contained in the below video (and memorialized in the image above) was used in various advertising spots upon his triumphant return to Apple as its trail-blazing CEO, after having been forced to resign in disgrace over a decade earlier.  Its message epitomizes the culture he created at an entity he rescued from bankruptcy and  eventually turned into the highest valued company in the world.  It also represents a lasting legacy that can be applied to ANYTHING worth pursuing and celebrates the creativity that lies within  EVERYONE.

The message begins with ad hominems often ascribed to him throughout his life, and in his having demonstrably overcome their once stinging effects, he has made tapping into creative thought easier for EVERYONE . . .

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