Feel Like A Hero . . .

Superman - 640 x 359

. . . (or heroine) and then go do something that is both HEROIC and EPIC — and no more excuses, no more putting it off.  NOW is the time, so RUN and make it happen, even in the face of discouragement by others who may say what you seek to accomplish is impossible. Channel the energy of those nay-sayers into a “well then I’ll show you” mindset.

If you believe deep in your soul that something very important is within the realm of possibility, then you owe it to yourself (and others who will benefit) to embark on your quest, and make it an EPIC success.  And for inspiration, watch this epic performance by the acrobatic dance troupe known as AcroArmy, who defy the laws of physics and stretch the bounds of human physiology to execute something quite magical and in perfect synchronicity to the apt soundtrack “Run Boy Run“.

The soundtrack was written and performed by an emerging baroque pop neofolk artist known as Woodkid, whose performing body of work is often described as “epic” and is specifically intended to make those who listen to it “to feel like heroes“, as articulated in his RT interview below.

So Who Is A Hero & What Is Heroism?

But what do we mean by “hero”?  And what is this notion of “heroic” anyway?  And what heroic act or pursuit do you have the passionate enthusiasm to undertake that could make YOU feel like a hero?  And isn’t it an oxymoron to want to feel like a hero?  Or said another way, aren’t heroes selfless individuals who care more for others than themselves and most certainly NOT about how they themselves feel?  Isn’t the essence of heroism putting the interests of others first, and self-interests take a back seat?

What thoughts and images come to mind when you think of a “hero”?  Is it a fireman fearlessly entering a fiercely conflagrating building on the brink of collapse to save a child trapped on the second floor?  Perhaps its a marine who hurls himself on top of a grenade  to save his nearby brothers in arms. Or maybe its giving up a kidney to someone who will otherwise not survive.  Yes these are all undoubtedly good examples, but MANY other things can be considered heroic.

Superheroes - 640 x 465

And those who do heroic things need not be superheroes.  A hero can be ANYONE who undertakes an extraordinary action on behalf of others, despite perhaps having to face severe danger, overwhelming adversity and a low perceived likelihood of success, and yet bravely perseveres despite an obvious position of weakness.  It is someone who displays courage and exhibits a willingness for self-sacrifice that observing others may derive inspiration from, such that they too are willing to do things for some greater good of humanity (broadly defined).  And although heroism may entail exemplary acts of courage, whereby one puts their life on the line, it is more broadly applicable to a vast range of circumstances that demonstrate . . .

selfless moral excellence.

So if you see something you don’t like in this world, and you can creatively envision that it is within the realm of possibility to do something about it, then by all means . . .

Be Heroic And Do It !

So why not do something meaningful that really scares you.  You know, something that will certainly test your mettle and will present you with an opportunity for that “breakthrough moment” to make you feel truly alive and especially gratified in knowing how others will benefit.  That’s not only an opportunity to self-actualize in doing something you once thought was not possible, but an opportunity for altruistically reaching the pinnacle of one’s potential, which is otherwise known as . . .

Transcendence - 640 x 523

So What Are You Waiting For?

RUN and go do what YOU KNOW must be done — the starting gun has gone off.  And momentum is important, so the faster you are able to explode from the starting blocks (usually the most difficult part of ANY project is getting started), the sooner you will able to reach full stride and cross the finish line of your project or quest victorious.  And who better to metaphorically illustrate this than the world’s fastest human . . . Usain Bolt.

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