. . . The Subject


The Genius & Beauty of Simplicity

The question posed is the most important one ever contemplated . . . for it is relevant to EVERYONE, often pondered, the subject of spirited debate, and its answer drives EVERYTHING we do. Yet the genius lies in the simplicity of its answer, and the infinite number of ways the “answer” can be realized.

And while there may be countless means to the desired end, achieving it can nevertheless be forever elusive for some, and still fleeting for many, even after it has been attained.


Simplicity is the root of all genius — Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent.  It takes a touch of genius — and a lot of courage — to move in the opposite direction.

Albert Einstein


. . . This Blog

This blog is comprised of eight sections, which are summarized below and accessible by clicking on the black labeled tabs above, or the hyper-linked sections below.

1.  Home:  All blog postings are accessible here, starting with the most recent

2.  About:  Information on the subject, this blog, its logo and the author (you’re on it now)

3.  Dedication:  To whom this blog is dedicated and for whom it’s intended

4.  The Answer Is . . . :  The answer to the question posed is revealed in this section

5.  What is Self-Actualization?:  This fascinating concept is explained here

6.  Hierarchy of Needs:  Human needs driving EVERYONE’S actions are explained here

7.   Applying the Concepts:  How one goes about seeking self-actualization is explained

8.   What’s In It For YOU?:  Metaphorical interpretation and how to best use this blog.

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. . . The Logo

The center frame represents how self-actualization emanates from the mind, and begins with the courage to commence the journey, which is represented by the tunnel in the left panel, where uncertainty awaits around the corner.  However, by persevering in your wondrous sojourn toward self-actualization, you will surely realize an enriching and lasting happiness, as represented by the magnificent sunset in the right panel.


. . . The Author

Spencer C. Young

Spencer C. Young believes he has arrived at the answer to what may be the most significant and important question mankind has ever contemplated, and taken it to the “next level”.  He did so by synthesizing the findings and theories of the ancient Greek Philosopher Aristotle, and renowned 20th century psychologist Abraham Maslow and neurologist/ psychiatrist Kurt Goldstein, and then applied them to today’s realities.

With this web-log, he presents those findings in a straightforward manner for the benefit of EVERYONE.  Moreover, he invites those interested in bringing true meaning and purpose to their lives to incorporate the concepts of self-actualization contained herein and share their thoughts and resultant successes in their comments to the blog postings.

Mr. Young is a lifetime member of Mensa, and he received his undergraduate and masters degrees from Cornell University.  More information about Mr. Young can be accessed at www.SCYinv.com.

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