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EXPECT The Miracle To Come

Definitionally, “miracles” are events not readily explicable by natural or scientifically proven laws and are considered by some to be the result of divine influence. They are unusually surprising events that are generally welcomed and considered extraordinarily amazing in the context … Continue reading

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Puttin’ On The Ritz

As you travel your life’s journey to be the very best you can be (likely far greater than you are aware), be sure to present yourself in an impressive manner . . . along the lines of the opening routine … Continue reading

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Careful Planning . . .

. . . makes what was once thought impossible, now possible. And there are some endeavors that carry significant downside risk, such that ANY mistake will likely be the last one made, and thus require especially fastidious forethought.  Take, for … Continue reading

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Make Your Life An Exciting Journey . . .

. . . and please feel free to leave a comment to share with others, in the event your life’s journey includes experiences as exciting as this one . . . Wow !! As revealed in this amazing footage (below), … Continue reading

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Careful Planning And Unconventional Means Equal Success

Darwinism is often proven in a conflict with an adversary of substantially greater size and resources, for such an uneven playing field eventually wears down the weaker/smaller party.  However, if you find yourself in a situation with such a decided … Continue reading

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