Make Your Life An Exciting Journey . . .

Jeb Corliss

. . . and please feel free to leave a comment to share with others, in the event your life’s journey includes experiences as exciting as this one . . .

Wow !!

As revealed in this amazing footage (below), “Grinding the Crack” is likely NOT what you thought it might be.  This wild and crazy sport is also euphemistically called “proximity jumping in a wingsuit“, or simply, “Base Jumping” and one of its pioneering stars is Jeb Corliss, whose professional vocation is that of “Wingsuit Pilot“.

Elements of self-actualization implicit or otherwise featured in this mind-blowing video are:

  • Believing In Yourself . . . because one would NEVER otherwise remotely consider attempting such a means of excursion
  • Careful Planning . . . for if Jeb only slightly miscalculated his angle of descent in his “red and blue balloon fly-by”, or otherwise failed to account for the possibility of unexpected shifting winds (a phenomena often prevalent in mountainous regions), he would have become part of the landscape in an instant
  • Employing Unconventional Means . . . without question, this is an especially creative and out-of-the-ordinary means of transport.
  • Living in the Moment . . . The brilliant multi-angled cinematography featured throughout this video makes you feel like you are right there, in the moment, experiencing it with Jeb, which is enhanced with the aptly-titled soundtrack of “Sail” by AWOL Nation

If you wish to learn more about this Base Jumper Extraordinaire and Daring Wingsuit Pilot, Jeb Corliss, you can click here to visit his website.

Base Jumper Jeb Corliss

Jeb Corliss Enjoying A Post-Flight Moment And Modeling How He Spreads His Wings

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  1. good idea im gonna try it

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