What’s in it for YOU?


An “Airport Oasis” for “Pilots”

Think of this blog as an “airport oasis” — a place to take refuge for insights that will help you become all you can be.  Metaphorically, it is a place where . . .

  • the Airplane represents your life;
  • the Passengers are your friends, loved ones and others you touch in your life;
  • the Flight Attendants are your immediate family;
  • the Jet Fuel represents the CONCEPTS contained herein;
  • the Flight Plan is the Life you’ve designed; and
  • the Pilot is YOU!

Edinburgh Control Tower & LAX - 640 x 197

And think of the author of this blog (“Author”) as the Air Traffic Controller who will help guide you to the destination of YOUR choosing, as well as serve as a consultative Maintenance Mechanic, who is willing to assist you and your Ground Crew (i.e., others willing to help you) in repairs and maintenance, if requested.

Accordingly, this blog spot is a place where you fuel up, board passengers, and take off from, as you embark on a wonderful trip to the land of  “Self-Actualization”, which only YOU know the way to.  And the more fuel and passengers you can take on, and the more precise your flight plan is, the higher you’ll soar, the farther you’ll go and the more happiness you will experience and in turn, bring to others.

And should you run low on fuel or encounter in-flight damage from the turbulence of everyday life, you are always welcome to return for refueling and maintenance.

In Flight - 640 x 225

For Those “Furloughed”

Now it is entirely possible that some of you Pilots out there have been “furloughed in life and circumstances have since played out such that you’ve been shunned by your friends and family, and you feel very much alone at this point.

In that case, this blog remains an “airport oasis”,  except in visiting this website, you’ve met other Pilots in the airport lounge (pun intended, and very much influenced by Jay Leno), who have offered to help get you back in the cockpit . . . because they know with complete certainty you are capable of far more than you could have ever imagined possible.

And before long, you’ll realize you were never furloughed . . . it was merely a “layover“.

Now It’s YOUR Turn

Apply the CONCEPTS to YOUR life, using the blog postings, media content and anecdotes about the experiences of others to give you the encouragement to take the first step — and while this may be the hardest one to take, keep in mind they WILL get easier as you proceed on your journey . . . because you will absolutely love it!

And be sure to come back often . . . not merely for encouragement and moral support, but to share your inevitable success-laden experiences with others to help perpetuate growth in a “movement of positivity“.

Now start believing you can fly ! !

Wing Jet - 640 x 228

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