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Hey you . . . yeah you.  I know you’ve seen that gauntlet of leadership lonesomely lying on the path of your journey before, which you have ignored in the past and casually stepped over it.  But why not be daring NOW and have the fortitude to pick it up and do something that makes a difference in this world.  You know the calling.  It’s easy to recognize, but it has also been more convenient to  dispel from your thoughts.

You’ve had this uneasy feeling many times before, most especially when you’ve observed something you don’t like in this world, which you know, deep down within the inner core of your very being, is wrong, wrong, wrong on so many levels.  And although you have previously been able to swiftly replace these increasingly unsettling thoughts and emotions with others more pleasant to divert your attention, you keep seeing what bothers you.

It happens again and again with different people in varying settings and circumstances that still share an all-too-familiar commonality of discord eating away at your psyche like a blood-sucking parasite that only becomes repulsively engorged with each instance.  The slowly developing anger within reaches new heights with each occurrence, to the point of recognizing your reaction has now transmogrified into an apoplectic rage that demands release, as if a belching volcano is about to explode . . . along the lines of exasperation displayed in the iconic scene from the 1976 movie Network — for although the sources of fear and anger that weigh heavy on our minds have changed in the past 38 years, the impact is the same . . . until we decide we’ve had enough!

Although these accompanying emotions  are unpleasant, it’s actually a good thing that they bring you to a boiling point, such that you say “enough is enough” and  decide to finally do something about it and take meaningful action.

I’ve been deliberately vague throughout this post because I want this concept to have wide applicability, notwithstanding, I’m confident you know exactly what I’m talking about.  The sociopaths that seem to increasingly hold positions of influence over others which they use for their selfish, avarice-driven benefit and to the detriment to a vast many others.  And what may really irk you is the realization a kakistocracy is growing like pernicious weeds  around you, which only causes you to question your preconceived notions of rationality and common sense all the more.

Be The One - 640 x 288

And The Solution Is . . .

Things will only get better if you TAKE ACTION with a laser focus on the root cause of each problem.  Forget the unimportant ancillary stuff and direct your attention toward rectifying what’s most important.  You will soon realize all the other minor issues that have bogged you down in the past, will miraculously fall into place or otherwise disappear once the primary source of the problem is ameliorated.  This may require some forethought, but don’t over think it, because you’ll be surprised how accurate your instincts will become once you start  TAKING ACTION.

Stop Thinking Start Doing - 640 x 321

In so doing, you will be metaphorically pulling back the curtain of The Wizard of Oz and come upon the serendipitous realization that what you perceived to be a BIG SCARY problem staring you in the face is no longer the case, as the reality of understanding how to resolve it now becomes crystal clear.

Wizard of Oz - Perception vs. Reality - 640 x 301

Charli XCX‘s music video performance of You’re The One is obviously a love song from the perspective of a woman finally realizing she’s found “the one” (i.e., the love of her life).  But I would like to indulge your creativity to interpret the lyrics (reflected below) a bit differently, and think of them as the thoughts of those who are looking to YOU to lead a cause to meaningfully change things for the better . . .  and then go do it !

You’re The One

Dancing, in the darkness
Pink and lilac
Keep the silence

Crystals on the skyline
Cut the midnight
Alterable lit

You’re the one who can make me stay
You’re the only one who makes me feel this way
You’re the one that’s been stealing stars
Your golden arrow went through my heart
You’re the one that can turn the page
You’re the one who came along and unlocked the cage
Now I’m dancing in the dark

Flying through the black night
You’re the angel in the moon light
Running through the thunder
Undercover, silver lover

You’re the one who can make me stay
You’re the only one who makes me feel this way
You’re the one that’s been stealing stars
Your golden arrow went through my heart
You’re the one that can turn the page
You’re the one who came along and unlocked the cage
Now I’m dancing in the dark

Yeah I’m dancing in the darkness
Three years before I was feeling so heartless
But your burn shined through
And I’m drinking love potion
When I lay next to you

It’s a criminal feeling
Happiness cries and the tears are dreaming
My body is screaming
I’m staying right here
No I’ll never be leaving

I’ll wrap this post up with an Avicii music video, aptly titled I Could Be The One, which hilariously depicts the manifestation of a dead-end life and encourages boldly doing things that excite you, and lead you on a life journey that makes you feel alive again . . . albeit with a shocking plot twist at the end.

Will You Be The One . . . - 640 x 333

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