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Be The One

Hey you . . . yeah you.  I know you’ve seen that gauntlet of leadership lonesomely lying on the path of your journey before, which you have ignored in the past and casually stepped over it.  But why not be daring … Continue reading

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The Track You’re On

Metaphorically, the train track can be apt to describe the direction one’s life is taking, as a great deal of advanced planning goes into establishing a railroad line (e.g., easements, eminent domain, permits, municipal approvals) before actually laying down the … Continue reading

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First Step In Resolving ANY Problem . . .

  . . . is recognizing there is one. Life is all about solving problems . . . from everyday banal matters (e.g., packing an umbrella for a forecasted rainy day) to life-threatening situations (e.g., submerged in a car caught … Continue reading

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