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No Regrets

The three word contractions above often precede expressions of  regret: “I coulda gotten an A in that course if I had completed all of the homework assignments”; “I woulda been promoted, if I took the time to train my replacement”; “I … Continue reading

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If Today Was Your Last Day . . .

. . . how would you spend it? Would you seek tranquility in accepting this inevitability?  Would you forgive others? Forgive yourself?  Would you help others in need?  Might you bring yourself to express your love for others?  Could you … Continue reading

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Drop The Baggage . . .

. . . And Set Yourself Free. The below video clip was broadcast on Fox’s American Idol.  It features a pretty 18-year-old named Angela Miller, who performed an original song during the Hollywood solo round, serving as the basis for selecting … Continue reading

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The Past Does Not Equal The Future

So many of us go through life carrying an ever-increasing load of emotional baggage, which weighs us down and holds us back from achieving what we are truly capable of.  And I’m here to implore you to put down that … Continue reading

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