Drop The Baggage . . .

Pearl of Wisdom - 640 x 360

. . . And Set Yourself Free.

The below video clip was broadcast on Fox’s American Idol.  It features a pretty 18-year-old named Angela Miller, who performed an original song during the Hollywood solo round, serving as the basis for selecting the “top 20 girls” for the remainder of the  competition — a gutsy move.

I think you’ll agree that a “star has been born”, and that “Angie” is a legitimate triple-threat talent as a singer, musician and songwriter.  Her lyrics are as powerful and emotionally evocative as her performance, and impart a pearl of wisdom worth remembering . . . drop the baggage of the past that weighs you down, so you may travel light and with ease on your journey toward self-actualization.

[PS: A brief commercial may precede this performance and lyrics are below.]

You Set Me Free 

You find me here alone
I hear a voice that’s so unknown.
It strikes courage up my backbone,
Strengthen my heart.
A life set apart;
I see that’s what you are.

You come, you come with open arms.
And you say I love you for who you are.
When I was haunted and alone
With this baggage on my back, dragging me down.
You set me free, yeah.
You set me free, yeah.
You set me free.

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