I’ll Stand By You

Helping Hand

This performance by Angie Miller during the “Top Five” round of American Idol was touchingly dedicated to her nearby hometown of Boston, still reeling from the tragedy which struck days earlier.

This notion of being there for others in need is an oh-so-enriching element of self-actualization and the inner happiness thus derived is unmatched.  Moreover, the real magic in gestures of goodwill toward others in need is how contagious they can become.

[A brief advertisement may precede this performance & lyrics are shown below.]

I’ll Stand By You

Lyrics --- I'll Stand By You

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2 Responses to I’ll Stand By You

  1. I just ran across your blog today. It sounds like you found your answer by combining Aristotle and self actualization, wow, that’s great. I think I found the same path by seeing the first 11 chapters of Genesis as the prototypical spiritual path. Of course I read Genesis metaphorically and use the concept of faith instead of self actualization, but it is all the same thing. In terms of helping others, don’t you just find that helping flows from you even if you’re not trying?

    • Dr. Ragotzy, thank you for interest in this blog. While I agree there may be a proclivity in many to help others in need, I’m not sure I agree with your assessment that the first 11 chapters of Genesis represent the “prototypical spiritual path”. As you know, these chapters cover creation, the genealogy stemming from Adam and Eve, Cain murdering his brother Abel, the corruption of the earth, Noah and The Flood and the descendants of Noah. These chapters also address life expectancy and procreation, which don’t appear to match up with human biological capabilities — for instance, Adam purportedly lived to be 930 years old and Noah fathered three sons (Shem, Ham and Japeth) at the age of 500? As the rest of mankind was reported to be wiped out by the flood, each of these boys could only have procreated through incest with their mother, yet their offspring were devoid of genetic mutation. May I indulge you to explain exactly what type of MD you are, and address FROM A MEDICAL PERSPECTIVE, how this could be possible? Many thanks.

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