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Here’s To The Crazy Ones . . .

Steve Jobs has been often described as “the modern day Thomas Edison” in the context of innovations that have improved the quality of life for countless others — for example, personal computers (Apple II), word processing (MacIntosh), music players (iPod), computer … Continue reading

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Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish

In his now famous commencement address to the Stanford University Class of 2005, Steve Jobs (CEO and founder of Apple and Pixar) recounted three anecdotes that meaningfully shaped the life of this renowned entrepreneur [and later found to be instrumental to one of … Continue reading

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If Today Was Your Last Day . . .

. . . how would you spend it? Would you seek tranquility in accepting this inevitability?  Would you forgive others? Forgive yourself?  Would you help others in need?  Might you bring yourself to express your love for others?  Could you … Continue reading

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