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No Regrets

The three word contractions above often precede expressions of  regret: “I coulda gotten an A in that course if I had completed all of the homework assignments”; “I woulda been promoted, if I took the time to train my replacement”; “I … Continue reading

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The Importance of Enthusiasm – A Humorous Look

Self-help guru Dale Carnegie believed there was a little recognized secret of success . . . in a word: Enthusiasm.   He contended this powerful human feeling was the source of boundless energy that led to: Setting and accomplishing goals; … Continue reading

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Pick Your Battles . . . But ALWAYS Defend Your Reputation

An inevitability in life is having to face challenges, which when addressed, evolve into confrontations or “battles”.  You have two choices: engage; or not engage.  Before you decide, be mindful of the importance of being selective in those you choose … Continue reading

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