A Tribute To The Heroes of the Occupy Movement . . . Along With A Framework For Meaningful Change

The Occupy Wall Street Movement is a clarion call to awaken a vast majority who grew complacent over the years, while a rigged system increasingly stacked the deck against the unsuspecting.  This has steadily eroded the rights our forefathers died to protect, inuring to the new “corporate person” and has created a vast inequitable financial chasm between the “haves” and “have-nots”.  This has in turn resulted in an unprecedented and often inhumane level of oppression to millions, and represents the antithesis of self-actualization.

Well the time has come to take our country back and expose the full extent of corruption –and not just in banking and politics.  Our legal and judicial systems are the very mechanisms that have allowed the bankers and politicians to get away with it for so long, along with an over-the-top militarization of our police for intimidation.

We will have to expose and root out this now stifling level of avarice-driven corruption in seemingly all walks of life, demilitarize our police, and make ALL of them answerable to “we the people”.  It is only then that we can regain our inalienable, constitutional and civil rights and re-establish a society that again respects humanity and the notion of rewarding legitimate productive achievement.  By doing so, we will ALL be able to journey along our respective paths toward self-actualization and thrive once again.

The video above celebrates the heroes of the Occupy Movement to date, who had the courage to instigate what may turn out to be the most significant social movement in the history of mankind . . .  just do the math:  What’s 99% of 7 Billion?  It also introduces a framework that addresses the”what’s next?” phase, and it’s call the Thrive Movement.

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