You Gonna Fly


Yes, it is acknowledged this post should read “You’re Going To Fly“, but Australian born Country Superstar Keith Urban didn’t write the accompanying song (music video is presented below) with grammar foremost in his mind.  Instead he focused on delivering important themes, which are framed within a country love song and are most certainly germane to the pursuit of self-actualization, as described herein.

Grammar Nazi - 199 x 179Tongue-In-Cheek Warning

With regard to the title of this post and the accompanying music video apologies are offered to fellow members of the Grammar Nazi Party, of which this blog’s author is a proud card-carrying member.

For Blackbirds & Songbirds

The below music video can be interpreted as speaking to those of you who have encountered set-backs in life that have severely shaken their confidence — metaphorically, these are the  “blackbirds on the country street” finding themselves “hiding from the world with broken wings“.  Or it may speak to those who have simply never been given the opportunity to discover themselves — these are the “songbirds” who are unaware of what lies within and afraid of the unknown and thus “scared to sing“.


Those who may be broken and/or scared are encouraged to: (1) articulate the objectives that will lead to realizing your dreams; (2) keep those goals foremost in your mind (i.e., look at them DAILY); and (3) expect to run the gauntlet of impediments and naysayers, which you will be able to “artfully dodge” if you remain focused on systematically reaching your ever-changing step-by-step objectives in the pursuit of your life’s goals.


Decide NOW that the time has come to  . . .

Leave Your Troubles Behind


Start Living Your Life

Start Living Your Life

For Mentoring Leaders

Alternatively, this song can speak to those in a position to mentor and help others they may serendipitously stumble upon.  You know of whom I’m speaking . . . those who merely need the encouragement and opportunity to discover themselves and develop the hidden prodigious talents that lie within.  It is those natural leaders with keen foresight and an eye for talent who may be reading this blog post.  To YOU, I encourage reaching out to those  “blackbirds” and “songbirds”  that may cross your path and graciously extend to them a genuine and entirely unexpected helping hand, and go so far as to boldly declare . . .

“You better believe you’re gonna fly with me !”

Flying together

Then watch the miracles unfold before your eyes, as you come to realize the enriching and overwhelming joy that begins to envelop your very being when you see those whom once needed your support and encouragement now begin to soar to heights once thought unimaginable.

This is taking self-actualization to the very highest level, which is discussed in the “Hierarchy of Needs” section of this blog, and is known as . . .



Now please enjoy Keith Urban’s performance of You Gonna Fly . . .

[Note:  the below performance may be preceded by a brief advertisement  & lyrics are below]

You Gonna Fly

One, two, three baby don’t think twice
Just like that you got a brand new life
Hop in this truck and run through the red lights
Yeah where you wanna go baby name the town
We can go up north, we could head down south
Roll down the windows with the radio loud

C’mon turn it up, yeah
Start living your life
On the double leave your troubles behind
You and me, we’re gonna be alright

You could be a blackbird
On the country street
Hiding from the world with a broken wing
But you better believe you’re gonna fly with me
You could be a songbird from New Orleans
Scared of the rain just as scared to sing
But you better believe you’re gonna fly with me

Well, here we are baby in the back of my bed
Sun’s going down skies turning red
Stars coming out
Baby look at you now
God knows how long but it’s been a while
Since I heard you laugh and I seen that smile
Felt that kiss and I can get used to this
Baby I could get used to this


You gonna fly [x2]


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