Nothing More


In an earlier post titled The Real You, the notion of ONENESS is conveyed in a majestic simulated journey narrated by Alan Watts.  The omnipotent power of this concept is realized when one considers the following truism:  Throughout the history of mankind, if the powers that be had understood and embraced this notion . . .

There would have NEVER BEEN A WAR and . . .

HUMAN SUFFERING would be substantially ERADICATED

Be Kind To Each Other - 640 x 159

How can something so simple have such a far-reaching effect? Because it is rooted in Love. And why has this been so elusive?  The answer is not as simple, but it appears those responsible for carnage wrought upon mankind throughout history are NOT altruistic and NOT empathetic.  This means mankind has often been afflicted with FAUX LEADERS — in other words, those who may look and act the part, but in reality are: (1) NOT kind; (2) LACK integrity; (3) are UNFORGIVING; (4) IGNORE those in need; (5) stoke FEAR; (6) procreate NEGATIVITY; and (7) and are thus INCAPABLE of understanding . . .

WE are love, WE are one, WE are how we treat each other and . . .

Nothing More

♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥

Twain & Heart - 640 x 160

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