Show’em What You’re Made Of


The Backstreet Boys is a five member “boy band” formed in 1993 out of Orlando, Florida, who went on to become the best selling group of its genre, with over 130 million records sold.  Its members consist of A. J. McLean, Howie Dorough, Nick Carter, Kevin Richardson, and Brian Littrell.

Although Kevin Richardson left the group for a few years, the two albums produced during his hiatus (Unbreakable and This Is Us) didn’t miss a beat (pun intended) and they have since reconstituted themselves with the original five-some, most recently producing yet another masterpiece album titled In A World Like This, which features a number of quality tracks, including “Show’Em What You’re Made Of“, the music video featured in this blog post.

While the demographics of the BSB fan base has evolved from the concentration of young teenage girls who dominated their concerts in the earlier years, they have certainly showed us what they’re made of with a music industry staying power that has exceeded two decades.  And to set the record straight, there is absolutely no truth to the rumored name change to “Main Street Men” so as to reflect the maturation of these talented singers.

The key lyrics to this empowering song are presented below the video with appropriate images and relevant aphorisms, where the themes implicit in this song include: (1) rising from setbacks; (2) soaring above troubles in lieu of drowning in them; (3) pursuing one’s dreams with the limitless innocence of a child; (4) resisting temptation to freeze out others (particularly those who love you) in times of difficulty; (5) being willing to lead others out of darkness, when the opportunity presents itself; (6) fighting the good fight with the tenacity of a lion; and (7) demonstrating true leadership by standing up for what you know is right, even if unpopular.  When you do these things, you will no doubt . . .

Show’Em What You’re Made Of

[Note: the below performance may be preceded by a brief advertisement & lyrics are below]

I’ve seen it all a thousand times, falling down I’m still alive.  Am I? Am I?


So hard to breath when the water’s high . . .

. . . No need to swim, I’ll learn to fly, so high, so high


You find the truth in a child’s eyes when the only limit is the sky . . .

 . . . living proof I see myself in you


When walls start to close in, your heart is frozen over


Just . . .


When sunlight is fading, the world will be waiting for you


Gloves are off, ready to fight, like a lion I will survive . . . will I? . . . will I?


You gotta stand for something, even if you stand alone . . .

. . . Don’t be afraid, it’s gonna be alright



So in conclusion . . .


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