You’ve Got To Fight For Every Inch

Al-Pacino - 640 x 298

Set-backs are a part of life — and how we respond to them ultimately determines whether we are a “success” or “failure”.

The below video clip is an inspirational pre-game speech from the movie, Any Given Sunday, starring Al Pacino — it is delivered by a head football coach to his team before the biggest game of their lives, and at their darkest hour.  They are about to take the field against a formidable opponent, after experiencing devastating loses from outright team dysfunction — the result of pervasive individualism and overwhelming selfishness, which he likens to being “in Hell”.

One Inch At A TIme - 640 x 275

In his speech, he associates life with football, which he describes as a “game of inches”, where the margin for error is so small, the “inches” can make the difference between winning or losing.  So he implores them to “claw” their way back out of their Hell “one inch at a time”, and to do so AS A TEAM . . . NOT as individuals — because “when you add up all those inches”, they become”the difference between winning and losing” . . . be it a football game . . . or in the game of Life.

Life Is A Contact Sport - 640 x 90

Many elements of self-actualization are represented in this video, most notably:

  • Getting Inspired — If this clip doesn’t inspire you, check to see if you have a pulse
  • Being a Leader — This epic speech exemplifies leadership at its best
  • Knowing Yourself — The coach acknowledges his past mistakes
  • Team Building — He gives them a reason to believe in, and rely on each other
  • Never Giving Up — If you EVER feel like giving up on anything, just watch this

Start Fighting For EVERYTHING Worth Fighting For . . . Even If It Amounts To Just One Inch At A Time

We Fight For That Inch - 640 x 375

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