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You’ve Got To Want It

The below aphorisms underscore the importance of cultivating an unwavering desire to be all one can be (i.e., to self-actualize) and its correlation with success and happiness.  For irrespective of the past, if you are clear about what you are … Continue reading

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Encouragement Manifests Self-Actualization

The below sayings epitomize what self-actualization is all about — that is encouragement to discover and develop the inner genius and latent talents that reside in ALL of us. . “ Words have the power to both destroy and heal. … Continue reading

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You’ve Got To Fight For Every Inch

Set-backs are a part of life — and how we respond to them ultimately determines whether we are a “success” or “failure”. The below video clip is an inspirational pre-game speech from the movie, Any Given Sunday, starring Al Pacino — it … Continue reading

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