Christmas Lights Bring Smiles and Holiday Cheer

There’s a community on the west coast of Florida, which takes displaying festive holiday cheer to an entirely different level, as compared with most communities.  It’s a subdivision of Palm Harbor called Indian Trails.

Each year, during the holiday season, the residents of this upscale community seem to engage in a degree of one-upsmanship — to the benefit and delight of anyone who sojourns to this quaint enclave . . . particularly at night — for the majority of homes here are adorned with a captivating and often mesmerizing array of Christmas lights, and ornaments seemingly left behind by Gulliver during his travels.

During the holiday season at night there are cars, at times bumper-to-bumper, snaking their way around at about 2 mph,  as occupants of all ages ogle at the outdoor electroluminescent displays with fingers pointing in all directions, no doubt saying things like “. . . and look at THOSE over there!” And many end up parking their car, as they endeavor to take everything in on foot.

Kudos to the peacock residents of Indian Trails for bringing smiles and holiday cheer to many others.  The video montage below attempts to capture a small piece of St. Nick’s Magic Kingdom — “[Merry] Christmas to all.  And to all, a good night”.


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