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Comedy As Panacea For Frustration

As you will note in “Applying the Concepts”, an often over-looked, but important element of one’s self-actualization journey is the ability to laugh often.  This is particularly true when having to contend with frustrating  circumstances where one feels powerless to … Continue reading

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The Importance of Trust

Trust is difficult to earn, but easy to lose, and regaining lost trust can be like un-ringing a bell.  And this is for good reason, because betrayed trust can wreak havoc on those who are betrayed, as there is typically … Continue reading

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The Most Inspiring Thing Ever Said . . .

. . . drawn from the enduring wisdom of Dwight K. Shrute III, Assistant TO the General Manager for the Scranton, PA branch office of the Dunder Mifflin, Inc. Paper Company: . . .

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