Comedy As Panacea For Frustration


As you will note in “Applying the Concepts”, an often over-looked, but important element of one’s self-actualization journey is the ability to laugh often.  This is particularly true when having to contend with frustrating  circumstances where one feels powerless to remedy anytime soon.  The below skit from Comedy Central’s “Important Things” hilariously illustrates the dynamics of dealing with a demanding customer and features comedians Demetri Martin and Jon Benjamin.

Here’s the setting:  Three website designers are on a conference call with a client, whose history of vague instructions have resulted in much wasted effort, and thus a high level of frustration among the website design team.  They’ve submitted many iterations of a contemplated website design; however, at this point, the client is not only displeased with their latest efforts .  . . he implies their progress in now going in reverse.  How they choose to respond to this customer’s latest feedback is where the hilarity begins.

Those who have had to deal with an “impossible-to-please” customer on a conference call should be able to readily empathize, and understand there are unexpected dynamics with an inexperienced associate on the call, where even the most carefully crafted agenda can suddenly take on a life of its own.

Warning – Risk of Soiling:  This situation comedy video clip should NOT be watched by those with “weak” or otherwise “full” bladders.

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  1. Austin Pritchard says:

    Hahaha that video is hilarious. Dimetri Martin is awesome. Here is an interesting article of Describing Humor with an Equation.

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