Almost Home

Almost Home by Yulia Allen - 640 x 478

“Almost Home” by Yulia Allen

For most, nothing epitomizes love, comfort and well-being as “home” – for it is not merely the gathering place for ones loved ones;  it is a place for solace, renewal and growth, as well as the launching pad for dreams and aspirations.  It is the incubator of many life memories, and as such, cannot be replaced.  While there, you may at times take its splendor for granted; however, when away, your yearning to return grows with each passing day.

Metaphorically, home can also represent one’s life dream, for which you may have labored arduously for years and years.  And as you begin to realize you’re on “the home stretch” toward realizing that dream, and need the impetus to complete the last five percent (often the most difficult), you summon additional strength from a reservoir within, which you never knew existed . . . through a simple reminder.

And as you approach your destination . . . a gently repeating voice of anticipation in the back of your mind kicks in to remind you that you’re . . . almost home.

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Almost Home

Lyrics - Almost Home - 640 x 661

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