Find Tranquility

The River Flows in You - 640 x 434

“Keep your lows high and your highs low”

. . . but this can be challenging to do in a society that seems to celebrate sensationalism, while offering its fair share of tribulations and sources of stress.

One way keep this sense of intrinsic balance is to frequently engage your senses with things that relax you, bring you peace and an overall sense of contentment.  It can be as simple as looking out at the ocean or observing the beauty of a flower, while being thankful for the opportunity to take in such magnificence.  Many turn to the practice of yoga to bring inner tranquility, where the word “namaste” is frequently uttered.  This is an expression of respect for others and a reminder that we are one — this helps keep things in perspective.

Namaste - 640 x 247

Others find that music touches their soul in a way that brings the tranquility they seek.  To this end, I hope the soundtrack “River Flows In You” by the pianist Yiruma and the accompanying images in the below video help you find inner tranquility . . . Namaste.

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