Kindness Can Be Infectious

Kindness - 640 x 342
Here’s a beautifully crafted video that will no doubt raise your spirits as it illustrates the infectious impact a “random act of kindness” can have on others — for it tends to instill an inclination in the recipients of those acts to “pay it forward” and thus grow from there.  This powerful and highly infectious notion was featured in the movie Pay It Forward, starring Kevin Spacey and Haley Joe Osment, where the concept known as The Realm of Possibility was also introduced, which is addressed in a separate blog post herein.

In this video, even the most simple and pedestrian gesture of kindness can have an entirely unexpected and powerful impact because the unexpected pleasantry has a lasting memorable effect and tends to grow exponentially, and thus take on a life of its own . . . and also come full circle.

Please enjoy.

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