If You’ve Never Failed . . . Then You’ve Never Lived

Failure & Living - Bordered

And if you find this notion counter-intuitive, then consider the compelling dose of historical empiricism contained in this powerful and uplifting video.  The “fear of failure” can be dangerously debilitating, and if not confronted and overcome, it becomes the silent killer of innovation, accomplishment, dreams and happiness beyond one’s wildest imagination [Psst, do you remember “The Answer” to the bold question posed by this website?]

If you give up on your aspirations, after experiencing set-backs, then you will never REALLY live . . . because your spirit will have died prematurely.  Instead, take stock of what happened, learn from the “lessons” of your failure, change your approach . . .

. . . and try, try again !!

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Sayings 3

Written Off As A Failure

Being Today

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