Sometimes You Just Need Someone to Believe in You

Brees & Burbon St.

You may have faced a challenge in your life, and thought you did everything possible to overcome it . . . yet it remained unresolved.

Or perhaps you’ve had a lifelong dream you’ve been diligently preparing for and working toward, and appears to be within reach . . . however, the more you strive for it during “the home stretch”, the more distant it seems to become.  Compounding matters, you may have had to endure set-backs at the worst possible moment, making the prospect of realizing your dream increasingly remote.  At that point, that unwelcome visitor named “Discouragement”, comes knocking on your door — do NOT let him in.

It could be that you just need someone to believe in you.  Moral support and encouragement are in rare supply, but they are things that EVERYONE needs to not only overcome challenges or realize a dream . . . but to do things never thought possible.  Find that person, or those people ! . . . they’re out there.

The Drew Brees / New Orleans story is a perfect example.  As perhaps the shortest quarterback in the NFL, and playing for the San Diego Chargers, he received an apparent career-ending injury to his throwing shoulder.  At that point, no NFL team wanted a quarterback who not only couldn’t see over the heads of his linemen . . . but he couldn’t throw the ball — and this is an important capability for a quarterback in the NFL to possess.

Drew Brees Dislocates Shoulder

At around the same time, New Orleans was devastated by Hurricane Katrina, and many were predicting the demise of this wonderful and historic city — for the carnage appeared so severe, it was widely thought to be a situation the people of New Orleans could not possibly recover from.


Despite extensive surgery, and unrelenting physical therapy, it seemed no one in the NFL believed in Drew Brees . . . except for New Orleans.   And no NFL quarterback believed in New Orleans . . . except Drew Brees.  And that’s all  it took.

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